INACT Document Management System supports an intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate the data. With a Revision Control System, users are guaranteed all the latest documents located in the Document Register.

External exchanges of documents with third parties are made easy by the Document Routing feature. This is a secured and controlled communication path monitored by the Administration component of the system.

The integrated correspondence system stores offline and online communication making it easy for cross-reference.

"INACT is used since 2 years for CPECC in Abu Dhabi for document control and management purposes. It is perfectly adapted to the specific project requirement, very flexible and fast. With little to no training you can easily search and retrieve documents in its different revisions and generate document related reports allowing our DCC and department personnel to manage their document related tasks. This is a very important fact if you have a large project where close to 1,000 persons are working on the same documentation in various locations 100's of kilometers apart. As such I can confirm that introducing INACT to the project was a big and very positive contribution to the project, which significantly improved the execution of the project."

Thomas Larose,
former CPECC Engineering Manager in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Document Register

Document Register is the sub module where Company/User store their official published documents. Documents can be sourced from completed routings or directly inputs by the user.

This module aims for easy and fast retrieval of documents. Document adding & editing capability is controlled by user privilege setting.

Browse and Search Documents

Multiple Document Upload Function

Easy Download of Documents
Document Routing

Document Routing is the sub module where Company/User store and distribute the working documents.

This module is used to route documents to the designated user intra company or outside the company. This serves as a collaboration tools for information, review of documents, and approvals.

Document Routing can be distributed in paralel or sequentially.

Process Review (sequential) e.g Invoice Approval

Distribution (parallel)

Predefined List of Routing

Email Notification


Correspondence is the sub module to store the correspondence archive such as email, fax, letters. These correspondence can be cross referenced to allow for better communication tracking within projects/organization.

Email Capture Add On

Additional Email capture add-on, allows for automatic capture of email communication. This add-on will store any email communication that contains special code within its subject and arrange the cross reference based on the communication email thread.

Industry Solution


Managing a large construction project is limited without the efficiency features of a management software and infrastructure, especially while working with third parties. The tools provided by INACT, maximizes any component of project management.

Oil & Gas

For any Oil & Gas project, INACT can simplify all the processes associated. INACT incorporates cost approval and reporting, streamlining procurement, and third party software and interfacing under one platform, making it easy to manage your operations.