INACT Management System

Efficient, Secure, Flexible

INACT Document Management System and Procurement, is a complete system for document management purposes, start from document collaboration, document archiving, correspondence and tracking of documents. It is a flexible and adaptive document management system with user-friendly features.

Online Document Review and Approval

Concurrent, PDF Annotation

INACT Key Features

User Friendly

Spreadsheet style user interface for easy updating and review

Modular System

The User can create module extension without harming the core system

Web Based Application

Accessible through internet on popular browsers

Secure System

Access & Record change logs, make it easy to track and rollback changes

Advanced Search Feature

InAct has robust document searching with multiple search filter capability to ensure instant and accurate document retrieval

PDF Annotation

Document Management System Now supports Online PDF Annotation & Digital Signatures

Easy Integration with Third Party Application

Can provide custom interface with other systems if required

User Privilege Control

Enhanced Security Access: by User Group, Organization Level Structure and by View Capability of each record

Tablet Version

Tablet interface for easy access of documents on the road

Multi Site Server

Real time data replication & Sync between Servers